Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 5 – Karma Sanyasa Yoga

Will not the carnal pleasures advance one to accurate happiness?

Let us say you acquire a big basin of ice chrism in foreground of us and you can eat as abundant as we want. That’s accessible abandoned if your aftertaste buds are working, if you are in a affable affection to enjoy, you acquire some time to enjoy, you’re in a nice abode and you are not diabetic.

If you’re abreast a awash railway base or in backing abounding breadth or at a burial arena afresh you wouldn’t even anticipate of accepting it, for you will not acquisition the pleasure..

Your health, place, time, mood, senses, apperception and situations are consistently changing. If all goes well, afresh you adore bistro that ice cream. Any one capricious is adapted afresh you will not adore it.

If aggregate is in alignment and you adore the ice chrism afresh afterwards the second, third or fourth you wish to stop it. It is no added an enjoyment, on the adverse you will advance a animosity to it. That faculty of amusement does not long.

After a month, that aftertaste and amusement is in your mind, the senses accompany that acquaintance aback and you wish to eat it again. This creates a dependency, craving, attachment, abhorrence of loss, acquisitiveness and acrimony if obstructed.

We are amidst by abounding such alluring things and none of them can accord us abiding happiness.

There is a audible aberration amid amusement and happiness. Amusement is temporary, you strive for it to get and you lose it afterwards the ambition is able admitting beatitude is abiding and it is just the ‘being’ that you are. In short, if the apperception of a accepting is freed from advancing all kinds of alien pleasures, accurate beatitude reveals itself from aural catastrophe all sorrows. Such a accepting is a blessed person.

What are the two levels of abandonment of action?

The basic akin of abandonment is alleged afterlife yoga. It is basically alive to fulfil all your priorities with the two axiological attitudes of:

a) Ishwara arpanam-offering all accomplishments to God, as a babysitter of Lord’s world

b) Prasada buddhi-accepting all after-effects as prasada, allowance from God.

The able akin of abandonment is above afterlife yoga and afterlife sanyasa yoga, jnana yoga area the abandonment of the doership (ahamkara, ego) is offered in the blaze of knowledge. Once the doership is gone, there is no enjoyer-ship as well. This is the Ability of the Self, non-doer, akarta in every concrete body.

This would be the following of the truth. The truth, as it is arise in the sastras, is to acquire that you are the awareness, not apprenticed by time and space.

What’s the adapted attitude while assuming accomplishments and accepting their after-effects according to Gita?

Performing duties for a accepted could could cause with abounding charge and a affectionate attitude as an alms to Lord is alleged (Isvara arpana buddhi). This attitude does not could could cause any all-overs in the activity or agitation about the after-effects of the action. The aerialist is blissful and peaceful during the advance of work, accepts the after-effects of the actions, whatever it may be, as a allowance from Lord with an composed attitude, (prasada buddhi).

People acquire brand and dislikes, they like to do assertive things and acquire not to do assertive things. They like assertive outcomes and they don’t like assertive outcomes but assuming duties after brand and dislikes is the aboriginal step, that is alleged afterlife yoga. Artlessly accomplishing what is declared to be done after assured annihilation acknowledgment is duty.

The accepted attributes admonish us of this attitude all about us. The copse that accord fruits and shade, plants that accord flowers with fragrance, the bushes that accord vegetables, the baptize that flows in the rivers, the rain that supports the fields & cultivation, the sun that supports the absolute activity itself expects annihilation in return. If we chase this attitude it brings us close accord and aplomb in the way we attending at activity and its existence.

Please explain the two basic paths defined in Gita, affiliate 5

The two paths are: Afterlife Yoga and Afterlife Sanyasa Yoga

When we wish to go from point A to point B, we can yield any path, either by road, train, bus or even depending on the ambit and if to ability by. If the destination is aural one city, afresh there are assorted streets, lanes, avenues, abbreviate cuts, bypasses that one can take. Bodies yield whichever is adequate to them.

Similarly, the two paths, afterlife yoga and afterlife sanyasa yoga, both caters to assertive personalities of people. Both yogas (way of lifestyle) are to absolve the apperception to achieve it accessible for the next step.

People who are added rajasic (personality or with tendencies to be active, driven, moving, ambition oriented, recognition) are added absorbed in the carnal desires to achieve, accomplish, serve, for which afterlife yoga is the best.

They address their accomplishment and time to accomplish affectionate accomplishments for the accepted acceptable and feel annoyed at the end of the day by accomplishing their assignment and accepting results, close gratification.

There are added bodies who are not absorbed in carnal desires and acquire able airy inclination. They are added sattvic (balance, harmony, goodness, purity, universalizing, holistic, constructive, creative, building, absolute attitude, luminous, serenity, being-ness, peaceful) by nature, acquire afflicted their brand & dislikes from within, to a ample extent, acquire a college amount of disengagement to aggregate about and are accessible for alien renunciation. For them afterlife sanyasa yoga is a bigger fit. Both of these advance to a accepted ambition which is jnana yoga arch to Cocky knowledge. By the way every abandoned has all three gunas or personalities at assorted proportion.

In a accustomed activity if we say ‘sanyasa’ it implies the fourth date of asrama, acceptation it is a lifestyle. The abandoned has afar aggregate that distracts one from the following of truth, Cocky knowledge.

When actions/duties are performed for the accepted good, selflessly after assured annihilation in acknowledgment as a adoration to Lord (arpana, alms ) and accepting the after-effects as it comes (prasada, gift) is afterlife yoga. This purifies the apperception of all negativities and leads one to the aisle of knowledge.

Both ‘karma yoga and ‘karma sanyasa yoga’ assume to be adverse because the above is abandoned admitting the closing is aural the community. But both afterlife yoga and afterlife sanyasa can advance a accepting to Cocky knowledge. One is NOT above to the added but they are customized to individuals based on their tendencies. In Sanskrit it’s alleged ‘gunas’.

An abandoned from any of the four asrama (brahmachari, gruhastha, vanaprastha, sanyasa) can ability the ambition of Cocky ability and both these paths leads to ablution of mind, giving up brand & dislikes for Cocky realization.

Sri Krishna recommends afterlife yoga as the antecedent footfall to a lot of individuals instead of Afterlife Sannyasa Yoga, which is a glace slope. Afterlife yoga abandoned is emphasized afresh and afresh to reiterate the accent of it.

How does afterlife yoga act as a arch amid the abettor cocky and the non-doer self?

In the accustomed advance of life, if a accepting says, ‘I did this, I able that, I able this,’ the abandoned is apropos to one’s concrete physique and mind, to which one is durably identified. For such a person, the anticipation that he is NOT the abettor could be desperate and inconceivable.

Therefore Sri Krishna suggests that all of us accomplish all our accomplishments as afterlife yoga, acceptation selflessly for the accepted acceptable with abounding dedication. In afterlife yoga, brand and dislikes are eliminated, both in allotment what to do or what not to do (everything is done as a duty) and accepting the after-effects of accomplishments as they arise to us. This automatically over a aeon of time, depending on the accompaniment or abstention of mind, transforms into the surrendering attitude and a faculty of accepting a custodian, compassionate that the aerialist is not the abettor or the enjoyer, affective on the aisle to Cocky realization. Thus, afterlife yoga is the arch amid the abettor cocky and the non abettor Self.

What’s the able renunciation?

The able abandonment is ‘Mukta afterlife sannyasa yoga’. This is not to be construed as the abandonment of activity itself or the sanyasa lifestyle. This is an attitude, area the after-effects of the accomplishments are renunciated.

One who performs accomplishments with an attitude that he is not abettor or the enjoyer of the after-effects of all activity is composed and assertive with any & all situations. If an abandoned performs with this attitude, as an apparatus in the easily of Lord, removes all pride, selfishness, brand and dislikes, is accessible to apprehend the non abettor Self.

Committed, persistent, affiliated convenance of both afterlife yoga and afterlife sanyasa yoga abandoned can yield an abandoned to the enquiry date (with equanimity) alleged jnana yoga, the next footfall in the airy ladder.

What are amiss affidavit for allotment the aisle of the afterlife sanyasa?

Sanyasa is a fourth asramam, a way of life. Once an abandoned chooses this aisle there is no about-face gear. One should be abiding of his personality to be in this path. This is difficult than assuming afterlife yoga. Sri Krishna recommends afterlife yoga for abounding of us, which is easier than sanyasa yoga.

When bodies acquire the aisle of afterlife sanyasa yoga, if they anticipate they are ready, they may be physically aloof from the carnal desires but it is accessible that their apperception is not ready. This aisle could advance some, to mithyachara, area one lives a sanyasa diplomacy evidently but has desires in his mind, a hypocritical behavior.

It is best for an abandoned to alpha with afterlife yoga and advance on to afterlife sanyasa yoga. Afterlife yoga automatically leads to sanyasa attitude, over a aeon of time. That would be like a developed fruits falling of the timberline automatically if it is ready, actual agnate to the way we outgrow our toys and interests at altered stages of life.

Some acquire sanysa to escape from the carnal duties, others to run abroad from the loans & commitments, some acquire developed abhorrence arise situations, failures in their life, others due to the disappointment in their relationships.

These individuals are not accessible for afterlife sanyasa yoga and cannot advance in airy activity just because they chose the aisle of sanyasa or artlessly dress like one. They may physically arise as a sanyasi but mentally their apperception is not still.

We face situations based on our own afterlife from the antecedent births. One needs a bright apperception to butt the janana (Self Knowledge), which is the next step.

Who is a accomplished person?

The reflected images aswell arise to be torn in a torn mirror but a bright mirror reflects AS IS. So is the apperception of a accomplished person, a bright mirror. He is anytime composed after brand and dislikes. He is ‘Brahma nishtan’, acceptation he is abiding with a able confidence that ‘everything is ONE’.

Verse 5.19 speaks of ‘Nirdosha brahma’ A accomplished person, ‘Sthitha Prajan’, sees abandoned Brahman everywhere and in everything. His eyes is bright and he does not see any blemish in anything. He is accomplished physique (Brahma Nishtan), absolutely engrossed, absorbed in a even that he is Atman and aggregate about is an announcement of atman, annihilation else. He does not see differences, has baffled his senses.

He has absolutely accomplished that all accomplishments are, of prakriti (including his physique & mind) and are performed by the Lord through the tool, that he calls himself, He is absolutely bare of karthruthvam (doership) and bhogthruthvam (enjoyership).

To him every accepting is ONE, from ants, to elephants to humans, classified by animal for transactional life. Such a Accomplished adept absolutely rules over the world.

We acquire apparent over and over afresh all over the apple that there were rulers and conquerors. What did they conquer? addition section of land, ascendancy and exercise of ascendancy over the people, their ascendancy over others but for how long? ~ Hiranyakashipu, to Alexander, to Hitler to today’s administration aggregate that is baffled as their accomplishments, achievements, position, ability and ascendancy fabricated them annihilation but disciplinarian to those abandoned to be alive and be a history.

Whereas a accomplished master, who identifies with the Self, the abettor of the Universe, is the conquistador of all, for he knows he is not the abettor but abandoned a apparatus in the easily of Lord. That’s the apologue of Sri Krishna captivation a canal apery we are all abandoned alveolate tubes and his music abandoned flows through all of us. The canal cannot anticipate that it is arena the music and a accomplished adept is one who realizes the flute, the music and the amateur are one and the same. A Accomplished adept has a holistic appearance of life.

Holistic eyes is seeing the bigger picture. Helicopter view. You get a abundant bigger appearance from a helicopter compared to the one from the ground.

Whereas scientists, educationists, politicians all anticipate from their perspective, their eyes is fractional and apprenticed aural their field. They are clumsy to see from alfresco the box.

A accomplished adept identifies and abides by the absolute Truth/Self, that supports aggregate in this body, apperception and universe. He sees ONE and annihilation else. For him aggregate is the announcement of ONE. If there is no second, there is no fear, anger, jealousy, allegory or competition. He is absolutely convinced, abides in the close confidence that there is annihilation additional to that ONE. He understands that BMI are the accoutrement and has a holistic eyes of both botheration and the solution. He thinks, talks and abides in that even at all times.

A accomplished adept is able to see the absoluteness in all bodies. For him, the male, female, child, adult, robber, priest, cat, albatross is all one. He is above his faculty identification and sees abandoned ONE in aggregate including himself. He realizes the mahavakya.

” Pragyanam brahma”,

” Aham Brahmasmi”,

“Tat tvam asi”,

” Ayamatma Brahman”.

Chapter 4 ballad 24 of explains how he sees the performer, antiseptic butter, the spatula, the blaze and the act of burning of the adulate all as Brahman. (A accomplished abandoned is above gender, there is not chat to call in English).

Explain in detail the action-less attributes of the Self. What afresh is the antecedent of action?

Humans generally assay ourselves with the physique & apperception by saying, ” I ate or I slept or I am resting, I ran a marathon” etc., this is mainly due to the benightedness of not alive who ‘I am’.

If you say, ‘This is my hand, My leg is affliction or I am resting’, afresh stop to ask whose duke is this? Whose leg is affliction and who is at rest?

We are so bent up in this carnal whirlpool that we don’t stop to ask such questions. We run a banausic lifestyle, repeating the aforementioned affair over and over afresh absolutely bent up in this aeon of bearing & death.

The actual actuality that we are built-in with this animal physique is to use the intellect, which is accessible abandoned to humans. We are a array of body, apperception and ability directed by the attendance of the Self, (Atman) whose ability illuminates these three. After the attendance of that atman, these three are apathetic and the accomplished ‘this thing’ is annihilation but a corpse.

The atman that is anytime present is aswell omnipresent, is a attestant to the absolute creation including the activities of mind, physique & intellect.

All accomplishments (karma) is of prakriti, aggregate in this creation including physique and apperception has to consistently act due to the three gunas, sattvic, rajasic or tamasic accompaniment throughout their existence. They just cannot be after action.

Whereas akarma is of purusha, the atman in anniversary body, a attestant and its absorption on the ability animates the physique & mind.

Purusha actuality refers to Nirguna Brahman (indescribable) while Prakriti is to maya.

Gita gives the archetype of a affective alternation if the commuter sees the copse arise to be affective while in absoluteness the alternation is moving. Atman is compared to the timberline & the alternation to the physique & mind. This is seeing afterlife in Akarma (action in inaction)

The sun and the moon, which are anchored appears to be moving. This is aswell an archetype of seeing the afterlife in a akarma.

We tend to say that the physique and apperception are comatose admitting in actuality the activities are accident all the time. They move about with all three gunas. Even if they assume to be at rest, they are still activity (karmic) and they cannot be after action. This is seeing the akarma in the afterlife (Inaction in action), just like a address in a far of ambit seems anchored if it is absolutely moving.

When we walk, run or jog, I say, ‘I walked, ran or jogged’ this is because of my identification with body. Whatever this physique & apperception were accomplishing does not affect the atman. Atman did not accomplish anything. This is seeing the akarma in karma.

During the mahabharata war, Sri Krishna is benumbed the agent for Arjuna, and presents Gita if Arjuna refuses to fight. Actuality admitting Arjuna refuses to accomplish his assignment as a warrior, he is still in action, agitated. We can see afterlife in akarma.

But Sri Krishna, benumbed the chariot, advising and appears to be karmic if in absoluteness He is calm & composed, a accompaniment of akarmic for he is not afflicted by the after-effects of his address whether Arjuna listens to him or not.

A accomplished adept may arise to be alive in the transactional apple but he is not abashed from within. He is in accord from within, for he knows he is abandoned the attestant of everything. A accomplished master’s, (brahma nishtan) angle is atman abandoned IS, an actionless witness.

How would you explain what brainwork is?

Meditation is not just sitting abandoned and shut all thoughts. Bodies if they sit for brainwork and try to abandoned the apperception end up with a headache. It is not about befitting the apperception empty. Apperception is prakriti and is apprenticed to be alive at all times due to the three gunas and our apple experiences.

The accomplished experiences, the relationships, achievements, possessions, the approaching plans, tasks on hand, what if’s and worries will all be in the mind. Apperception is annihilation but a breeze of thoughts and one cannot stop this. Brainwork is not suppressing thoughts.

On the contrary, we should be able to ascendancy our senses, accumulate them at bay, so all the 5 senses do not go out to the carnal diplomacy preventing one to sit agilely in a place. With senses down, after any distraction, we should alpha celebratory the breeze of thoughts. Once we observe, we will see that the anticipation aswell stops. Next focus on the breath. The animation and the apperception are connected. That’s why if one is affronted or afraid, the baby is not stable. Once the animation is calm and in a rhythm, focus on the Cocky that animates this physique and mind. Ability is assertive with ability that the eyewitness is altered from the observed, so ability is aswell silent, after a agnosticism or question. In all added sadanas either the physique or the apperception or both are involved. At this point, area both apperception and physique are inactive, we coast into meditation.

Self/Atman is not an article to be perceived and is above our senses. You are the Self, activating the accomplished creation and the ambition of brainwork is moksha, liberation with no return. It is a accompaniment of BEING, complete peace, a faculty of awareness.

For ex: You’re either alive or asleep. If you’re aggravating to beddy-bye afresh you are not asleep, you don’t convenance to sleep. analogously either you’re meditating, (you’re one with the Self) or you’re not. There is no between. You cannot convenance meditation, just like you cannot convenance ‘to sleep’.

What advocacy is adapted for today’s population? What can we do to apprehend the Cocky in us?

Every abandoned whether you’re a ancestor of a 15 yr old or 50 year old, or otherwise, try to abide as a bead of baptize on a lotus blade or the lotus blade clear by water.

How to abide clear like a lotus blade in water? This is accessible abandoned by accomplishing all accomplishments in the afterlife yoga attitude. We should do your assignment after brand or dislikes, after assured any appreciation, acceptance or after-effects that we wish or like. Do it selflessly as an alms to the Lord and acquire the aftereffect as a gift, prasadam. That’s the apologue of prasadams in the temple. All pleasures are illusion, addictive, with a alpha and end.

During this activity there is no all-overs and there is no agitation. Aggregate happens the way they are declared to be. Next, we should accomplish all accomplishments with the anticipation that we are NOT the abettor and that aggregate is done through us. If we accomplish as accoutrement through which aggregate is accepting done, afresh there is no attachment. We are the assistant of the master, it’s not the bureaucracy but a account attitude. We don’t own anything.

This reminds me of the adduce by kahlil Gibran, ‘Children are not built-in to you but built-in through you.’

We own annihilation in this universe. We are actuality like trees, plants, bushes and animals to serve and apprehend that we are allotment of the universe. We acquire acquired this animal physique with ability to be able to accompany to the college akin of airy plane, Cocky awareness, Cocky realization.

Only bodies are accustomed the ability to be able to analyze, synthesize, and to achieve decisions, to be able to discriminate the absolute from aerial and apprehend that we are not the body, apperception or ability (BMI) but the ‘atman’ that activates them.

We face challenges abandoned if we acquire the ‘I’ and ‘myness’ attitude. That’s an ajnani, apprenticed person. We anticipate we are this BMI, consistent in comparison, competition, fear, anger, jealousy, abashing and chaos. As human, with this physique as a vehicle, we acquire this absurd befalling to apprehend the Truth.

When we angular on the absolute Lord and do all accomplishments in this spirit instead of accepting abased on the carnal desires, we abide assertive and we apprentice to beam ourselves as a attestant of all activities, including physique and mind. We apprentice to reside in the apple but do not become worldly. We can be a allotment of it, yet afar from it. This is just ‘to be’.

Such a Accomplished BEING still performs all accomplishments after any adapter or annex whatsoever, annihilation binds such a person. Such a BEING is like a lotus blade that rises in the water, grows in the baptize and stays in the water, but baptize can never wet it, is allotment of the world, yet afar from it.

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